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Fast Drying Towel Hat
Fast Drying Towel Hat
Fast Drying Towel Hat
Fast Drying Towel Hat
Fast Drying Towel Hat
Fast Drying Towel Hat

Fast Drying Towel Hat

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Ditch the hair dryer! and bring your hair back to normal.

Dry your hair in minutes with the microfiber super absorbent hair towel. 

Simply put it over your hair, twirl and clip it back. Stays in place so you can do your makeup or anything else while your hair drys itself.

  • Easy-to-use microfiber towel is great for absorbing excess water
  • Simply twist your hair in the towel and then fasten with the button
  • Towel won't slip off easily allowing you to carry on with your pamper routine
  • 7mm fibers can soak up water easily making washing your hair less of a chore

Free your hands after bathing!

You spend too much time and money in salons for your hair treatment so don’t go damaging your hair everyday with using a blow dryer. Use the Microfiber Hair Drying Towel!

The Microfiber Hair Drying Towel is made of super absorbent materials micro fiber that easily dries your hair in lessthan 3 minutes without needing the damaging and split-end causing hair dryers. Non-slip design won't let the hat falling down when using it.You can now even say goodbye to the static feeling every after a blow dry.


Water Absorbent: Super water absorbent which can absorb 500 ml water in 10 seconds.
Hair Protection:
This towel absorbs moisture in hair naturally, no need to use a hair dryer.
Soft Microfiber Fabric:
Made with soft material to prevent fizz & breakage in your hair.
Non-Slip Button Design:
The button secures your hair from slipping from the towel.
Just close the button and you can start your skin caring or teeth brushing.
Must-Have Item:
Ideal for daily use at home or travelling

We have a standard size for the towel, if your hair is more than 60cm, you can always fold it into two layers and squees it inside the hat.